A New Dialogue

Advertising doesn’t work any more. So we started an advertising agency.

We like advertising.
We like socially gifted advertising that seeks a dialogue, maintains relationships and grows with appreciation.
We like intelligent advertising, that is built on insight and is spread in the media that suits it best.
We like polite advertising that you yourself choose if you want and leaves when you say “no”.
We like debonair, impeccably dressed advertising that wants to be seen, write autographs on the red carpet and to be on everyones lips.
We like pondering advertising that continuously evaluates, re-examines and admits when it is wrong.
We like curious, untrodden advertising that creates new opportunities, surprises and that actually is of use.

We are the advertising agency that with ease uses design, communication, PR and strategy. Advertising as monologues divided between different types of agencies isn’t the way the world works today – our campaigns grow from dialogues over open tables.

We like advertising.
May we show what this means to you?